A sophisticated methodology

We explain how Marcello Gianferotti found a very sophisticated scam system that made hundreds of people cry (perhaps thousands).
The scam is particularly complex and sophisticated because it no longer deals with bad checks where previously Marcello Gianferotti born in massa marittima was convicted (see the criminal record above) but is based on financial instruments that most people do not they know.
Even the authorities couldn’t understand the whole pattern exactly, until we met a colonel from the G.d.F. Instead, he understood very well what Gianferotti had set up.
How it all starts
Gianferotti acquires Mexican securities (Mexican Bonds) that had no value and succeeds through 3 false appraisals to certify that the aforementioned Bonds have a value of 316 million dollars.
You got it right, the appraisals that Gianferotti had done speak of 316 million dollars.
At that point, he deposits them with the appraisal at the Security House Excel and with the certificate of deposit, the procedure for obtaining the ISIN code begins, which certifies a sort of dematerialization of the Bonds.
Here he begins to contact hundreds of accounting firms throughout Italy involving them in the scam, or through other accounting firms to resell his he Bank Guarantees to obtain loans, mortgages and credit lines.
These Bank Guarantees cost between 6% and 10% of the loan that the customer needs.
It means if a company needs a 1 million credit line, Gianferotti collects up to 100,000 euros as a guarantee.
Very often it convinces the customer to buy a much larger guarantee (3-5 times larger than the loan he needs) and this means that the customer who would need a million, buys guarantees of 3 or 4 million that at 10% become 300 thousand / 400 thousand euros!
At which the customer goes to the bank and obviously he is denied the credit line because the bank sees that the underlying of the Bond are Mexican securities which, although true, only have a numismatic value (collector) of a few tens of euros!
This fact hundreds of times, perhaps thousands, have accumulated tens of millions of euros in Marcello Gianferotti’s accounts! Who knows where he hid the swag ???

Very soon we will launch a competition to reward hacker friends from all over the world who will be able to find out where the Gianferotti is hiding the swag accumulated by the scammed.